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by Bella

Green - Tartan Portofino stole scarf

Green - Tartan Portofino stole scarf

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Enjoy the newest summer tartan collection! With a stroll in Portofino. 

Portofino is a chic small fishermen's village nestled on the Liguria coastline. The entire town is surrounded by beautiful green nature, and the mountain that dominates is named Monte di Portofino, which has inspired me to call this green stole. Lovely, elegant, simple, soft, lightweight and infinite words could describe this fabulous stole. The fiber is beautifully knitted to make it look and feel the high end of 100% bamboo fibre. Combined with the incredible shades of greens that define the little fishermen's village of Portofino, it is a must-have in your every-season wardrobe. Denise

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