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by Bella

Pink - Tartan Gelato di Firenze stole scarf

Pink - Tartan Gelato di Firenze stole scarf

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Enjoy the newest summer tartan collection! With a taste of Italian gelato !

#Gelato is an Italian delicatessen that everyone talks about! We all had a go while vacationing in Italy. #Gelato was invented in the 16th century in #Florence for Caterina de Medici; ever since it has conquered the world.  The softness of this light #pink stole reminds me of a homemade gelato alla rosa that I used to eat during my childhood. Enjoy the stole and the making of the gelato.  The fiber is beautifully knitted so that you can experience the high quality of 100% bamboo fiber. The yarn combined with incredible shades of pink produces this unique #Gelato di #Firenze, making it a must-have in your every-season suitcase or city wardrobe.  Denise

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