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by Bella

Grey - Tartan Polvere d'Etna

Grey - Tartan Polvere d'Etna

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Enjoy the newest summer tartan collection! Wrapping yourself in Nebbie di Venezia.

It is a foggy November Monday morning, and I find myself walking in #Venezia. The fog is everywhere, I can barely see my feet taking one step after another, but I can definitely hear them walking; that is all I can listen to. The fog smoothens all sounds, and the city is more romantic than ever. I feel as if a cloud hugged me, and I can assure you it was marvellous. The grey colour of this scarf reminds me of this moment, which is why the name Nebbie di Venezia. This lovely, elegant, simple, soft, lightweight and infinite words could describe this fabulous 100 % bamboo fiber scarf. The yarn combined with incredible shades of greys produces this unique Nebbie di Venezia scarf making it a must-have in your every-season suitcase or city wardrobe.  Denise
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