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by Bella

Green - Lago di Garda

Green - Lago di Garda

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Driving around the lakeside panoramic road of Lago di Garda, the intensity of the vegetation and the greenery humbled me. #Green is the dominating colour of the lake and its surroundings, which makes the viewing very relaxing, and it provides stress-free walks and hikes.
When I had to choose the name of the bamboo scarf, I was sure that #Lago di Garda would be the perfect name to be given to the stole. It s lovely, elegant, simple, soft, lightweight and infinite words could describe this fabulous 100 % bamboo fiber stole. The yarn combined with incredible shades of green produces this unique Lago di Garda stole, making it a must-have in your autumn-winter suitcase or city wardrobe. Carry it everywhere; it will come in handy for any occasion. Denise

Want to know more about Lago di Garda? Lago di Garda - Trentino - Italy

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