The Ultimate Halloween Look! Fab and Eco-Friendly

The Ultimate Halloween Look! Fab and Eco-Friendly

It is that time of the year when Halloween is just about to come, and you wonder what to wear. Should it be spooky or classy? Should I go cheap or buy sustainable products? Well, we have an answer! Our stoles and duster are made from 100% bamboo yarn and are perfect for Halloween street parties and beyond. Also, the items can be reused for many other occasions. So do not worry about the prize; the game is about buying excellent materials that are good for your skin and health, beautiful and elegant to wear, and have the colours of the festivity and never to be thrown away easily. This is why these products can be with you on many other joyful occasions. We want to be our TREAT by offering a 15% discount when you buy 3 items from the collection: and use promo code HALLOWEEN15. Thank you for purchasing sustainable products. by Bella

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