#Earth's Day Week

#Earth's Day Week

Can you help the planet? Yes, you can! This week we will be celebrating #Earth's Day! What better way to celebrate than remembering that we can contribute to the planet's well-being by shopping #sustainable products? Changing our shopping behaviours slightly can have substantial positive impacts on the earth. 
Small steps can begin a long journey, taking us to a more gentle, respectful and healthy lifestyle. Buy #amore, share and show your #LOVE for the #planet.

The intensity of the red struck me and reminded me of the colour of love, passion and the corals of Amalfi. You can only buy fantastic coral jewellery in Amalfi little gems shops. What a beautiful combination of love, passion and Amalfi.  Lovely, elegant, simple, soft, lightweight and infinite words could describe this fabulous bamboo stole. The fiber is beautifully knitted so that you can experience the high quality of 100% bamboo fiber. The yarn combined with incredible shades of #red produces this unique Amore stole, making it a must-have in your winter suitcase or city wardrobe. 

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