It is Ferragosto in Italy

It is Ferragosto in Italy

Italy, on the 15th of August, celebrates #Ferragosto, which sees the country at the highest peak of summer vacation and literally all country shuts down, and we all head for the seaside, lakes, mountains, wine tasting or museum visits. Whatever it is, as long as it is time off from our usual busy life. Ferragosto is the pivotal moment of the #DolceVita, is when we jet off for a couple of weeks and enjoy while other nations watch. The festivity goes back a couple of millenniums when Emperor Augustus established the celebration to celebrate agricultural workers. Then the Papal State used the festivity day to celebrate the Assumption of Mary. Then Benito Mussolini leverages this to honour lower-class workers, and now it is just part of our lifestyle, culture, and heritage.

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